"Breathing in peace, on a timeless journey across extraordinary landscapes"

This short film has been produced while traveling from Montréal to Nevada in July 2013, on the way to Burning Man. It is an attempt at experimenting with stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, but above all technical aspects, we simply wanted to immortalize a magical moment we experienced, gazing at the beauty of western US. Project title WindScale is inspired by the poetry of the wind flowing through the vibrance of the very simple musical scale in the film. 

Original soundtrack composed, performed and recorded in Montreal by ourselves. 

Rolling movements inspired by rrrrrrrroll
4K version available on request.
Press kit available here

Project launched by Eric Paré & Marie-Line Migneault on January 20, 2014.

*Update: WindScale has recently been featured on PetaPixel, LaughingSquid , DIY Photography, FStoppers, Adobe and Timelapse Italia


Behind the scenes

Soundtrack recording session, back in Montreal

Bonus pictures :)


... and of course, we started experimenting with light-painting in the wild

(more of my light-painting pictures can be found here)

During the way back, I received an invitation to create a stop-motion light-painting music video in India. So Marie-Line and I went there during 10 lovely days of October to create Suspended

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